Hey there, I'm Brianna! I have depression and anxiety so if I'm nervous around you, it's most likely not your fault! I'm generally pretty friendly so if you want to, say hello!! I'm a big goof and I don't bite. I love making new friends. I'm into Warrior Cats, Pokemon, Mega Man, Disgaea and a bunch of other stuff! I'm 18 and my birthday is November 25th. I go by she/her pronouns and I'm Pan! I'm also a cat so! Meow! I'm also in a relationship with another girl! Please don't follow if you're homophobic. If you need me to tag something, let me know! I generally put "('game name' spoils)" when it's spoilers for a thing so you don't really need to worry about that. I also tag Blood/Gore/Body Horror/Needles/real life eyes/animal abuse and some other stuff. If I don't tag something that I should've, please tell me! I play competetive pokken tournament! My mains are... Gardevoir (Primary), Braixen (Secondary), and Decidueye (???).
Here are some of my favorite things!
Color: Pastel Purple/Blue/Pink
Animal: Snow Leopard
Game: Pokemon/Pokken. I also really like the Mega Man series, and just about any Dungeon Crawler or RPG with a good story.
Anime/TV Show: I like a whole bunch of shows in the Anime genre.
Something else about me: I really like it when people draw me things and I also really, really like cats.